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Title I Services

Title I Services

Title One Services

Paint Valley Elementary
Paint ValleyLocal School District offers Title One Services for students whom are struggling in reading. Students will be assessed through the State Diagnostics and NWEA MAPS assessment. Students whom are below average in reading
will receive intervention by the Title I teachers. Each of the Title I teachers have met the requirements for Highly Qualified Teachers. They have also received specialized training in the reading intervention program known as Wilson Fundations. 

Criteria used for selection will be based solely on achievement on the above stated assessments. All students at Paint Valley Elementary have an equal opportunity to qualify for Title I. All ethnicity, homeless, and migratory
students will also have an equal opportunity to qualify for Title I

Title I teachers will use research based strategies to help students improve and close the achievement gap. Paint Valley Local School will use the Wilson Reading Program.  They will also use small group instruction and comprehension

Parents will be notified through a letter if their child will receive Title I services this school year. A meeting will be set up to meet with the Title I teacher this fall to discuss your child’s achievement and goals for improvement. Parents will also
find out how they can become involved in helping their child to improve. They will discuss the School Parent Involvement Policy.

If your child qualifies for Title I services you will receive information by October 1st, 2020.